Not All Charity is Created Equal

Even the best of intentions don’t mean the best of outcomes. These days, charity’s all the rage. Turning that enthusiasm into impact requires deep understanding of the communities we help and the methods required to meet their needs.

Curbsides takes the act of food charity into a new century by applying this philosophy with an on-the-ground understanding of the health and wellness needs of the homeless and housing insecure. Our distinct focus on the intersection healthcare, quality of life, and food distribution allow us to serve residents of Skid Row .

Changing the Way We Serve

Everyone wants a hot meal. When you’re reliant on others to help get it to you, that often means spending your time on a food kitchen’s schedule. For many homeless people, especially those with diseases like diabetes, this can be a problem. When you need to take medications on a schedule, or just miss the day’s serving shift, this strict clock can leave you high and dry.

Curbsides changes the game by packaging meals that can be picked up any time and carried through the day, without becoming unappetizing. By letting those in need decide when and how they’ll eat, we empower them with medical control, personal freedom, and a sense of being able to live life by their decisions.